Visibility into the past, present & future

It’s not uncommon for executives, line of business leaders, or HR managers to want to compare the state of the organization today with some time in the past. Whether it’s headcount, enrolled benefits, or accounting reports to reconcile payroll, access to retroactive data is helpful for planning the future.

Visibility into the past, present & future

But while most HCM solutions give teams the ability to look back at certain weeks or pay periods, SyncHR’s advanced time machine technology of data management time and date stamps every HCM entry and form field for more granular reporting and insights.


SyncHR empowers your entire leadership team to drill down to the data they need, when and how they need it, helping to:


  • Access a modern, intuitive org chart any time, from any connected device

  • Identify trends from daily historical data

  • Improve general ledger allocation accuracy

  • Right-size future benefits packages and other compensation investments

  • Increase accuracy of retroactive payments and historical adjustments down to the dollar amount

  • Enhance state and local tax compliance

Point-in-time, not period-in-time

SyncHR HCM is the only solution that allows you to run reports and transactions in the past, rather than in the present, seeing a data like hourly pay, number of hours worked, overtime hourse, total employee pay, and more

Effective date actions

Effective date actions

All forms fields, transactions, and entries feature effective date stamps that enable users to access information within any specific date in the past instead of date ranges or standard accrual buckets like year-to-date or month-to-date reports.

Moment-in-time transactions

Moment-in-time transactions

Run retro payment transactions, benefits eligibility updates, or tax changes on specific dates in the past to automatically adjust historical data and carry all changes forward throughout time to the present date for greater payroll, records keeping, and benefits payout accuracy.
Deep-dive historical trends

Deep-dive historical trends

Use detailed, date-specific historical information about benefits elections, enrollments, and growth for any time interval or start date for more ammunition in negotiating new packages and rates for future offerings.

Anytime onboarding and new hire starts

Anytime onboarding and new hire starts

Enable new-hires to begin their onboarding activities before their official start date and even start a new role mid pay period to bring much-needed support for the team without the headaches or risks of manual data changes from the Human Resources team.

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