Time & Attendance

Control your labor costs, and improve workforce productivity & efficiency while minimizing your compliance risks.

Reduce the administrative burden on employees, managers, and administrators with automated time and attendance that is tied in with the core SyncHR HCM system. SyncHR Time streamlines your processes, empowers your employees, and gives managers greater visibility into their teams.

Cross-platform Time and Attendance Software

Automated, integrated time clock and attendance capture for more efficient and accurate workforce management

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance tracking is a pain. Whether you’re tracking PTO accruals and leave or trying to reconcile timesheets, accurately capturing and processing time and attendance can be a nightmare.

SyncHR Time & Attendance Solution alleviates the headaches of time and attendance management with effortless time tracking across various platforms and automatic attendance accrual. With SyncTime, you can improve time tracking accuracy and productivity while reducing compliance risks and operational blind spots by:

  • Capturing employee time entries, including overtime and shift differentials, across any timekeeping environment

  • Intelligent workforce scheduling

  • Automating time-off and leave request

  • Providing on-demand access to time off balances and histories

  • Autocorrecting miskeyed inputs, roundup errors, and illegible entrie

  • Rich analytics for at-a-glance insights, from any perspective

Eliminate departmental bottlenecks that delay timekeeping processing, reduce costly overpayments, boost scheduling accuracy by up to 20% — all from a single solution.

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Automated, scalable tools for hassle-free timekeeping

Improve operational efficiency by aligning your staff with organizational goals, get a better understanding of your true labor costs, and maintain regulatory compliance with a suite of integrated, intelligent features.

Multiple-platform labor data collection options

Multiple-platform labor data collection options

Capture and record employee hours in real-time instead of after the fact. Automatically capture time entries from virtually any entry point such as a time clock, web entry, unified communications systems, and mobile applications for greater accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.

Automated pay rules and calculations

Automated pay rules and calculations

Dramatically improve timekeeping records accuracy with automated processes and calculations. Easily configure pay rules for tracking and calculating overtime, shift differentials, absence management, and rounding to improve payroll data accuracy and ensure compliance with wage, hours, and overtime guidelines.

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Exceptions reporting and management

Exceptions reporting and management

Automatically receive alerts for missed clock in/out punches, early or late arrivals, and extended or skipped breaks that violate your organization’s policies. Real-time, automated calculations help maintain compliance and payroll accuracy while increasing visibility for business and departmental leaders to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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Intelligent, flexible employee scheduling

Intelligent, flexible employee scheduling

Assign daily, weekly, or configurable employee work schedules based on reported preferences and historical attendance patterns. Make adjustments on the fly with on-demand schedule access from the web, a mobile app, or the time clock. You can even track scheduled and projected hours versus worked hours to more effectively budget labor costs, forecast overtime, and keep costs within expectations.

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