Why SyncHR, you ask?

Are you looking for one solution for HR, Benefits AND Payroll? Look no further! SyncHR offers all the services you’re seeking and helps you to run YOUR business YOUR way.

  • You get real-time EVERYTHING! If you choose Sync HR as your solution all transactions are real-time and offer extensive employee and manager self-service. What does this mean? Efficiency.
  • You get support and partnership as your business changes to adapt to new business conditions. When your business hires, transfers or reorganizes we will handle:
    1. Security access changes
    2. Mid-period adjustments
    3. Automated retros
    4. Workflow updates based on org changes
    5. Headcount reports

What does this mean? You can focus on your company’s growth while we help you to take care of the rest!

  • You get transaction recording when you need it. This means all adjustments to systems workflow, processes and security are automatic.
  • You get growth YOUR way! You grow your business and we’ll grow with you automatically adapting our system to your needs. What does this mean? A tailored solution to all HR demands.
  • You get software as a service! This means you get enterprise-class HR functionality at affordable prices. Our innovative approach offers business-critical advantages over traditional HR platforms. This means all your HR data is available to you anytime, anywhere, any way.
  • You get a service-oriented architecture. This means you get technology that provides you with the flexibility to operate your HR, benefits and payroll functions entirely in the cloud.
  • You get organization at your fingertips. Your organization’s headcount, costs and workflows can be modeled based on budget cost centers, functions and/or a defined matrix.
  • You get a dynamic user interface. What does this mean? Users are presented ONLY with the information and functionality they need.
  • You get complete transparency. What does this mean? You get online access to benefits plan documents and comparisons as well as access to all past, current and future enrollments. You also get full visibility for all involved events and life status changes.
  • You get improved processing. What does this mean? We provide patented technology that enables real-time payroll calculations, online results review, corrections and recalculations.

SyncHR is your solution for HR, Benefits & Payroll.
Not quite convinced?
Request a free demo and see for yourself!

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