What SyncHR Has in Common With Social Networks

What SyncHR Has in Common With Social NetworksWhat does SyncHR have in common with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+? Relationships. Facebook has its Followers, Twitter has its Friends, LinkedIn has its Connections and Google+ had its Circles.  Just as today’s culture is defined by relationships, they are also at the core of SyncHR.

From an HR point of view, staying on top of your company’s relationships is important. Knowing how many employees you have at any given time, how many of those are full-time, part-time or temporary workers, how many open there are, etc.. Arguably even more important, however, is knowing when these relationships and changes occur within your organization. For instance, when a new employee is brought on board, when someone is let go, or when an employee changes roles.

With SyncHR, all relationships and corresponding data are on a timeline.

-This timeline starts from the very beginning of implementation and extends indefinitely into the future. This allows companies to take a look back into the history of the organization and its structural changes. It can also aid in future planning or modeling. With time/date management built into the structure of the data model rather than an attribute to a data record, the entire system becomes more efficient and scalable.

These relationships ultimately drive, among other things, user access and workflow.

–This means HR professionals can spend more time leveraging our system for strategic initiatives regarding their relationships such as how to grow the organization and what type of programs and incentives will attract and keep the best candidates. It also means less time needed to be spent focusing on the administrative efforts of implementing and managing transactions and reacting to issues.

We’ve re-architected the way many systems in the industry present HR, Payroll and Benefit functionality. We’ve done away with handing out features and expecting HR professionals to figure out how to use them strategically.  In doing so, we’ve addressed issues that so many systems struggle with, resulting in:

  • Increased data integrity
  • Reduced system administration
  • Real-time metrics, and an always-on system

SyncHR realizes each company is different and has its own requirements. Our system is able to support these needs—allowing you to do business your way.

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