SyncHR Product Update – Mt. Tam Released!

We released Mt. Tam today and are very excited about the new streamlined user interface, increased configuration options and expanded audit capabilities it brings to our customers. For more details read our product announcement, better yet request a private demo to see the new intuitive user interface live and in person. You won’t want to miss this! 

Mt. Tam? You may be asking ‘what does that have to do with cloud-based HCM software’?
Well, for SyncHR is means a great deal. In the fall of 2016 we decided to have some fun with our product releases and give them names instead of just numbers. Since we are a very active and outdoorsy company we decided to go with mountain names for each new release. We also want them to mean something to all of our employees so we have initially picked names of mountains close to our three offices in Denver, Colorado, Sofia, Bulgaria and Oakland, California. Mt. Tam is the one near our Oakland office where part of our awesome development team is located and where the company has its roots.

So what and where is Mt. Tam? Mount Tamalpais (/tæməlˈpaɪ.ᵻs/; tam-əl-py-iss, known locally as Mount Tam) is a peak in Marin County, California, United States, often considered symbolic of Marin County. Much of Mount Tamalpais is protected within public lands such as Mount Tamalpais State Park, the Marin Municipal Water District watershed, and National Park Service land, such as Muir Woods. Mount Tamalpais is the highest peak in the Marin Hills, which are part of the Northern California Coast Ranges. The elevation at the West Peak, its highest point, where a radar dome currently stands, is at about 2,576 feet (785 m).

If you want to have some more fun search on ‘Tam’ in Wikipedia and you find things like the below: 

  • TAM - Mild Jalapeño, a milder breed of jalapeño pepper first cultivated at Texas A&M University
  • Teen Age Message - a Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence project, realized during August–September 2001
  • Transparent Anatomical Manikin - an educational device consisting of a plastic transparent human body
  • Telephone answering machine - a device used for automatically answering telephone calls

Don’t delay! Check out all of the new enhancements to the SyncHR enterprise-class human capital management SaaS platform today.

News Announcement: SyncHR Announces Latest Release of Next Generation HCM Platform

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