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Around the end of every year — just after the rush of the holiday season — people begin planning their New Year’s Resolutions. For some, it’s to eat healthier and lose weight. Others want to travel more, pick up a new hobby, or find ways to spend more time with their families. The self-improvement options are endless, but in many cases they’re abandoned after just a few short weeks.   


SyncHR’s approach to self-improvement is much more thorough and long-term. We’re continuously looking for ways to help organizations better manage their human capital, simplify their daily activities, and provide overall better value from their technology than they can get elsewhere. 


We’ve spent the last 18 months working hard on enhancements — specifically around organization, people, and position management — to our platform, motivated by a goal to limit clicks and streamline process flows for better, more efficient, and valuable HR operations management. It's another step in our master plan to equip SyncHR users with the most powerful HCM solution on the market. 


Here’s a look at what’s new (and better) with SyncHR HCM in 2020:

Org Chart 

The HR org chart is a core feature of the software, providing a visual representation of the person-position architecture of SyncHR. The org chart is a useful way to share information with various parts of their organization, but needed an improved interface and some additional functionality to enhance the overall user experience. 

Specifically, we wanted to modernize the org chart’s functionality, visual design, and overall usability so users would consider the tool a navigational starting place to drill deeper into a people or position record. 


What’s new? 

The org chart has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new design, clearly distinguishing between position and occupants. Key elements of the redesign include:

  • Enhanced search performance and capability to enable search by person or position

  • Zoom and drag-to-position to any part of or the whole org chart to simplify navigating large charts

  • Position/person toggle button to easily switch between the two perspectives

  • Print to PDF and download to CSV options for easy sharing essential data like current org charts and performance data

  • New position/person display parameters for hiding open positions in the org chart for employees or hiding open positions in the org chart for managers


People Page

What used to be called the “Company Staff List” page is now known as the “People” page in SyncHR HCM. The People page is a new person-centric list page, which aims to enhance the user experience while enabling you to manage your general employment information. 


In addition to the functions that were available on the Company Staff List page, the People page provides improved access to employee and position actions and profiles, as well as basic reporting functionality such as sorting, grouping, filtering, and totals.


What’s new?

  • ‘List View’ design list page for easier, more comprehensive data review. Hide and display columns, drag and drop columns, group rows, apply filters, and save filters for future use

  • View People List by date via ‘As of Date’ filter

  • Numeric filtering with an aggregation function that can display totals at the bottom of the page or per group.

  • Charting capabilities that transform list pages into mini reporting tools, distributed as PDF or CSV files

  • 2-click access to the ‘Employee’ or ‘Position’ Actions Menu


Position Page

The Position page is the third pillar of SyncHR’s HCM modernization plan. Just as the People page is a person-centric list page, the Position page takes the same approach with position management, independent of people. And, like the People page, the Position page received a number of enhancements aimed at better column filtering, editing capabilities, and data integration.


What’s new?

  • Easy access to occupied and unoccupied positions

  • Add and edit modals for person address, complete with tax jurisdiction

  • ‘List View’ design of new columns and 10 new view filters, including position title 

  • Job family and Employee Number columns

  • Automated data import from SyncHR Recruit

  • Automatic business email validation 

  • Clearer External ID display when importing a position from applicant tracking systems

Better Everyday

SyncHR is committed to improving the jobs (and lives) of all our customers. We know that perfection is an impossible goal, but there’s no harm in trying. We strive to make our technology and our customer relationships better everyday, eliminating bottlenecks, simplifying complex workflows, and helping organizations of all shapes and sizes better manage their human assets for long-term health and sustainable growth. The upgrades and enhancements we’ve made for 2020 are just the latest in a long line of forward-looking plans to equip SyncHR users with the most powerful HCM solution on the market.


To learn more about SyncHR’s upgrades and see each tool’s enhancements in action, download our latest webinar or contact us for a free personalized demo


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John Cuellar

John Cuellar

John is responsible for SyncHR’s product, engineering, and system operations teams. He is focused on streamlining the business processes related to HCM and finance by distributing SyncHR to all members of the workforce and by using patented security and workflow to control these developments. John is also responsible for delivering SyncHR as a cloud based application with “extreme ratio” financial metrics.

He has a background in engineering, workplace applications, and business administration, bringing over 25 years of experience deploying strategic HCM applications. Prior to co-founding SyncHR, John was the CEO of Harbor Technologies, since acquired by Mellon Financial Corporation. Previous to Harbor Technology Group, he spent an internship with the Swiss Bank Corporation in their derivatives pricing and trading group and also worked as a senior manager for the US Navy. John received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and his Master of Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.

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