syncHR 5.3 is here!

Summer may be a time for vacation and recreation, but the syncHR Product teams have been hard at work delivering a stream of highly anticipated new features and improvements.

Dramatically Enhanced Ad-Hoc Reporting – To build on the new reporting infrastructure delivered in the 5.2 release, we have completely redesigned syncHR’s ad-hoc report writing capabilities.  Our clients now have an easy to use, drag-n-drop tool to view, analyze, and visualize their data.

SyncHR teamed up with Jaspersoft, a market leader in open source business intelligence, to provide these reporting capabilities.  The report editor supports several formats including Tables, Crosstabs, and Charts, as well as the ability to combine multiple reports to create your own custom dashboards.

This enhancement extends the power of syncHR’s database by making the data even more accessible and providing the ability to slice your data in a variety of ways giving you greater insight into your payroll, human resources, and benefits data, and improving your decision support capability.

New Change Event Log Added – Years ago it was relatively easy for the HR department to keep track of all the employee changes that were going on in the organization because the changes were typically handled by the HR department.  With syncHR’s extensive self-service abilities, many of these changes now take place automatically and are handled by the employees themselves.  To improve the administrator’s ability to stay on top of this activity, we have added a Change Event Log.

The Change Event Log tracks the changes that occur in the system and provides filters for administrators to quickly address questions such as “Which employees have changed their address in the system in the past week?”, “What changes have been entered for a specific employee over the past year?”, or “Have any employees updated their Direct Deposit information since we last ran payroll?” and many more.  In addition to viewing this information, including before and after comparisons, each administrator may “subscribe” to certain types of alerts so that they are kept current on what is important to them through the convenience of email.

Employee Self-Service Improvements – We continue to strive to have the most intuitive self-service capability on the market, because we understand the increase in administrative efficiency, and the improvements to data integrity and timeliness that this function can provide.  In this release we have included several subtle, but impactful, usability enhancements.

  • Benefits Summary makeover – added links to plan specific documents, added ability to display more details without taking up more space, added ability to do in-line edits for plan contributions such as HSA, Transit plans, etc., and provided the ability to hide waived plans.
  • Improved 401(k) contributions – changed the format of how contributions are added and changed so that they are more intuitive for your employees.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding syncHR and/or this release.

Disclaimer: Many bugs were harmed in the making of this release.

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