Sphero Case Study

Sphero began the connected play revolution in 2010 by creating something unlike anything before...and they didn’t stop there.

Sphero fuses robotic and digital technology into immersive entertainment experiences that ignite imagination and defy expectation. Optimized by data and powered by fun, these ever evolving experiences are changing the way the world thinks about play.

With a heavy focus on education and teaching kids to code, Sphero is opening doors for kids to learn in new ways.

The Challenge

Like many startups, Sphero had been outsourcing all of its HR back office to a PEO for several years and was ready to move off that model for cost savings, control, and enhanced capabilities. Sphero sought to find one application that could meet the ongoing and growing Human Capital Management (HCM) needs of its rapidly expanding business. The company was looking for a single automated platform that could support all of the areas the PEO was managing for them. Some of the key capabilities they were seeking in a new platform included:

  • One application that could handle all aspects of core HR, benefits, payroll & reporting and leverage one real-time employee record
  • Ability to onboard employees efficiently & quickly
  • More flexibility & control of the system and related processes
  • Quick implementation time from their purchase decision to launch.

The Solution

After evaluating several systems, Sphero selected SyncHR to provide a comprehensive, cloud-based application to meet its core HR, benefits, payroll, and reporting needs. The ability to work with their Broker Partner (Lockton) and for the system to integrate with their selected Carrier partners was also very important.

Additionally, SyncHR also provides the following key capabilities:

  • Fully automated system to substantially cut down on paper and manual administration for the HR & payroll staff as well as the executives
  • Intuitive employee interface to ensure ease-of-use and adoption by all employee levels within the organization
  • Seamless integration with NetSuite
  • Seasoned and knowledgeable implementation and customer care teams
  • Reporting—depth of detail capabilities, and the ability to generate reports quickly & easily

Benefits & Results

Sphero now has an enterprise-class, online solution that will provide an automated, one-stop shop for all their HCM needs. Several key benefits and results achieved since implementing SyncHR include:

  • Extremely fast implementation time allowed them to meet their open enrollment and payroll deadlines (HR & Benefits – less than 60 days and Payroll – less than 90 days)
  • Significant relief of manual administration burdens since the system is 100% automated and electronic (forms, documents, etc.)
  • Consistently positive employee feedback on the employee portal
  • Faster reporting with concise preloaded reports along with the flexibility to create custom reports
  • Improved flow & better user experience from onboarding to benefits selection for new employees
  • Less administration time and oversight needed as a result of the easy & smooth integration with chosen Carrier partners
  • Greater ability to support the organization’s needs efficiently and effectively with existing staff (the company doubled in size in less than 12 months after implementing the platform)
  • Sphero is in the process of adding their UK and Hong Kong entities to the system for PTO tracking and org chart purposes.

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