New Release! Org Chart Drag & Drop Feature 


Earlier this year, we made exciting updates to the org chart feature in SyncHR. We're happy to announce an additional enhancement that helps equip SyncHR users with the most powerful HCM solution on the market.

The HR org chart is a core feature of the software, providing a visual representation of the person-position architecture of SyncHR. It offers HR leaders and professionals a useful way to share information with various parts of their organization and contribute valuable insights regarding managing the organization’s human capital. 

Thanks to the recent update, the org chart is even better because of an enhanced drag and drop feature, which makes SyncHR truly interactive and playful. Just as you can drag and drop pieces in online puzzles, now you can drag and drop nodes in the org chart! Puzzling together your organizational structure has never been as fun or easy.

With the new drag and drop feature in the org chart, SyncHR users can:

  • Move individual positions and their occupants between managers, or move entire hierarchies
  • Place positions in a “Parking Lot” to accomplish complex structural changes
  • Review a list of all proposed changes before saving
  • Save org hierarchies changes on past, present, or future dates

The easy-to-use interface also allows users to undo what they've changed, revert to the original, and view a list of changes that includes position, current, and proposed org chart placement. 


Check out this quick video to see the drag and drop feature in action.


This update is one more way we're streamlining process flows for more efficient and valuable HR operations management. In today's environment, HR leaders and professionals need an easy visual to not only assess organizational structure, gaps, and needs. They also need a way to maneuver and map visions for how changes will impact the business. 

The drag and drop enhancement is our answer to that need. Questions and requests from both current and potential customers inspired this enhancement. It's our pleasure to deliver an update that we know will help organizations efficiently manage their human capital, streamline their daily activities, and secure the value they deserve from their HR technology.

Contact one of our SyncHR solutions experts to learn more about how our org chart functionality can assist you with your organizational planning.


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Liz Sheffield

Liz Sheffield

Liz Sheffield is a writer and communicator based in Seattle, WA. She specializes in writing about topics related to HR and the people side of the business. Her areas of interest include HR Tech, HCM, leadership, training and development, employee engagement, culture, and recognition. Sheffield brings more than a decade of corporate experience in HR.

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