3 Ways Position Management Can Help During COVID-19


Across industries, organizations are adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on their customers, employees, and bottom line. They’re also coming to terms with the fact that crisis operations are completely different from standard day to day operations. 


This plays out in small ways, such as carefully editing social media and content marketing promotions to be sensitive to the new economic landscape. It also plays out in large ways, such as planning and implementing the training and communication that goes into turning a large onsite team into a temporary remote workforce, as well as the tax implications of government initiatives being created to support employers through this time. 


But as organizations respond to COVID-19, they’re also coming to the frustrating realization that they need their HCM to do more. How do you track these changes in paid leave? And where does employee data go when you have to lay off 1,500 members of your team?


These are tough questions to answer. Which is why it’s critical that your HCM platform makes it as easy as possible. To that end, here are three ways we think your HCM should be making it easier on you to track changes during the current crisis: 


  1. Track your workforce with precision 

Rapid turnover and changing talent needs can make position and role management incredibly difficult for HR and finance teams during a time like this. And beyond your current headcount planning today, you also need to consider how your organization is preparing to recover. 


From a purely paperwork perspective, you need your HCM to handle the paperwork for all the different kinds of reduction in force you might be making (furlough, layoff, etc.) as well as nuances like actual termination versus headcount reduction, and temporary versus long-term termination. 


If you aren’t working with a modern HCM, you likely don’t have an accurate view into what’s happening within your organization right now – which means you can’t make good decisions about your workforce. 


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  1. Make decisions based on data updated in real-time

COVID-19 is creating all kinds of frustrations for human resources executives. But one of the most challenging is turning to employee data to make a decision, only to find out it is long out of date. Now not only do you have to plan a stressful reduction in your workforce and predict how it will impact other departments, but you delay the process by stopping to update and organize your data first. 


A modern HCM makes it easy to track changes to your workforce data in one place, and from multiple data entry points, so that you can have confidence that the numbers you’re looking at are up-to-date to the minute. You don’t have to worry you’re missing out on something important in order to make a decision, or wait to confirm with everyone on your team that the information is up to date – you can just analyze and decide. 


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  1. Save your data even as you lose your people

Mass layoffs and furloughs are coming to different industries in waves, from retail to technology to professional services. But the only thing worse than being forced to let go of hard-won talent is if you lose all of your position data along with it. 


An HCM platform with position management allows you to retain that critical employee data even if you have to lay off or furlough that position. This is helpful in situations where you’re navigating a reduction in force for COVID-19, as well as long-term situations in which your company pivots to a new industry or grows your team. 


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Support for COVID-19 and Beyond

COVID-19 is a wakeup call for many organizations as they realize their current HCM may not be supporting them in the way they need. Consider whether or not your organization needs support in these three critical ways, and if your current HCM is providing that support. If not, it may be time to reach out to the team at SyncHR to find out what your HCM technology could be doing to support you through COVID-19 and beyond.


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Sarah Greesonbach

Sarah Greesonbach

Sarah Greesonbach turns cutting-edge research and data into captivating HR technology marketing content. She loves to consider the possibilities of humanizing, organizing, and minimalizing all things HR, and her writing helps HR executives and professionals develop their instincts and arrive at actionable insights for employee engagement and business performance.

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