Our final release of 2014 – syncHR 5.5!

SyncHR is pleased to announce our final release for 2014.  Release 5.5 provides several highly requested enhancements and additions to close out the year.

Payroll – Electronic W2 for Employees

For the 2014 tax year, syncHR clients will be able to provide employees with access to an electronic version of their W2 in addition to the hard copy the employee will be receiving in the mail.  Once W2s are available (end of January), employees will be able to access an electronic copy from their Employee portal.  Employees will download a pdf version of the W2 which they can then print. Employee W2s will remain accessible to the employee year after year, providing the employee a convenient W2 archive.

Benefits – Support for Small Group Rates

Clients with health plans using the new government-mandated, dependent age based rates will now be able to show employees the actual total rate for any combination of family members in the
Benefits Wizard at the time of plan selection. This will make it possible for the employee to make a more informed decision when selecting a plan for themselves and their dependents.

Additional enhancements for EDI Scheduling and Management and Eligibility Rule customization were part of this release.

HR – Improved user interface for the management of historical data

SyncHR’s patented ‘Time Relational Data Model’ is one of the things that makes our system both powerful and unique. It can also make managing historical data a challenge for even advanced users. We asked our development team to devise a new way to approach historical data, to make it easier to work with for all users. We have applied this new user interface for history management to 5 types of historical information for the 5.5 release:

  • Position Assignments
  • Budget Organization Allocations
  • Direct Deposit Information
  • Compensation Information
  • FICA, Medicare and FUTA Tax Exemptions (Formerly: “Other Taxes”)

5.5 also added language support to the employee portal for both Spanish and Mandarin (beta).

…and, we have continued our commitment to squashing as many bugs as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding syncHR and/or this release.

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