Merry Christmas from SyncHR – Remember to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

First of all, Merry Christmas! We hope you are taking this time to be with family and friends. For those of you who read our blog frequently, you may remember a little blog we wrote back around Thanksgiving. We shared with you ten ways to show your employees you are thankful for them. Well, in the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d extend on that and give you a few more tips for letting your employees know you appreciate all of the hard work they do for you on a daily basis.

Merry Christmas SyncHR

Say Thank You
This was included in our last blog as well, but it’s such an important phrase, we chose to include it again. A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Your employees (and co-workers) work very hard to make sure you receive optimal quality from their output. Remember to thank them for this hard work. You’d be surprised at how those two words can change someone’s day.

Treat Them Like Humans
Just because you spend 40+ hours a week with your employees does not mean they don’t have a life outside of the office. Ask them about it. Remember their spouses’ or significant others’ names. Use the names when you talk to them. “Hey Bob, are you and Mary going skiing again this weekend?” Acknowledging your employees’ lives outside of the office shows you care about them on more than just a work level.

Allow Them to Enjoy the Holidays
If possible, offer your employees a flexible work schedule during the holiday season. Today more than ever, people are traveling to see their families during the holidays. Allow your employees the flexibility to either work from home, take their floating holiday, or at least only have to stay for half day. If it’s crucial to your line of business that your employees be present, allow them the option to coordinate flex time amongst themselves. Maybe the employees who live, and are staying, in the area for the holidays would be willing to cover for those who need to travel.

Giving Gifts? Give Them Something Useful
Along with knowing your employees outside of work, try and get to know their hobbies and interests. Rather than giving all of your employees a bottle of wine (or some other kind of liquor), find out what they enjoy. That $20 bottle of wine could have been a lift ticket for skiing, a pack of movie tickets, or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Giving your employees something you know they’ll enjoy shows them you’re listening to them and interested in their well-being outside of work.

Take Your Staff to Lunch
Instead of buying each member of your staff a gift, take them to lunch if you can afford. Not only does this show them you care, but it also (1) gets your staff out of the office and (2) allows them the opportunity to mingle with their fellow co-workers. When you remove your employees from the work setting, you have a better opportunity to get to know them in a more relaxed environment.

Start a Holiday Tradition
Do you have the ability to start a team secret santa? How about a white elephant exchange? If you can do it, do it. Take an hour or two out of one day leading up to the holiday to get everyone together. Not only do these gatherings break up the day, but they also help to lift people’s spirits and make them laugh.

Remember, your staff is pretty much your work family. Don’t just treat them like employees. Getting to know them and showing them you appreciate the work they do for you will not only ensure continued work output, but will also show you employees you care. Employees who like their job (and their managers) statistically perform at a higher level.

From all of us at SyncHR, we wish you the Merriest of Christmases. Take the time and enjoy the holiday.

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