What to Expect from SyncHR at HR Technology Conference 2021




SyncHR, a revolutionary, position-oriented HCM software suite, will be showcased at this year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo which takes place in Las Vegas from September 28 to October 1.


HRTech is renowned for hosting the world’s largest HR technology marketplace and has been the industry’s leading independent event for more than 20 years. Focused primarily on driving HR success through technology, the event attracts a global audience of HR and IT professionals from the full gamut of industries and business types.


Introducing SyncHR

SyncHR is unlike any other human capital management (HCM) software in that it’s built around a position-based architecture that enables HR departments to manage positions independently from people. 


This arrangement frees overburdened back-office teams from the repetitive and error-prone manual tasks typically triggered by staff movements in an employee-centric system. Traditionally, when a new hire is made, an HR specialist creates a profile in the HCM to capture the details relating to the role, compensation, and performance. Because that data is attached to the employee, it disappears when they change positions or leave the organization and must be recreated manually for a replacement staff member.


Managing position- and employee-specific data separately but simultaneously also means HR leaders and other executives can gain instant, real-time insight into current staffing needs, budgets, and plans without sifting through spreadsheets or multiple systems.


SyncHR is the back-office time machine

In addition to its position-based architecture, SyncHR HCM has the further advantage of being a single system of record, offering integrations to a single database for reporting and intelligence. Because SyncHR’s advanced time machine technology time- and date-stamps every HCM entry and form field, that intelligence may extend backward to previous weeks or pay periods, helping businesses plan more effectively. Data can also be projected forward into the future to help executive teams understand what their organization could look like at a particular point in time.


With immediate insight into past and present turnover rates, employee life cycles, vacant positions, and other critical staffing metrics, HR leaders and other executives can:

  1. Easily compare organization and financial plans with actual hiring events and expenditures.

  2. Bridge finance and HR operations with on-demand headcount budget or staffing plan adjustments based on open/filled job requisition and historical labor cost trends.

  3. Identify trends from daily historical data.

  4. Right-size future benefits packages and other compensation investments.

  5. Enhance state and local tax compliance.


PrimePay and SyncHR: A bright future 

After years as a growing, independent organization, SyncHR was acquired by PrimePay in April 2021.  Additionally, in April 2021, PrimePay announced that it received an investment from Aquiline Capital Partners, a private investment firm based in New York and London with $6.1 billion in assets under management.


“SyncHR's innovative, position-based HCM software empowers leaders across the organization with the data access, transparency, and accuracy they need for more efficient operations and better support for company objectives.”


“SyncHR's innovative, position-based HCM software empowers leaders across the organization with the data access, transparency, and accuracy they need for more efficient operations and better support for company objectives,” says John LaMancuso, PrimePay CEO. “The acquisition unites two industry leaders, each with full-suite People Management software and service solutions, and paves the way for a leading HCM offering for emerging and mid-enterprise firms.” 


Session Sneak Peek: SyncHR Demo

Delegates to the HRTech Conference will be able to learn more about SyncHR and attend an interactive demonstration session with Pam Glick, Chief Marketing Officer, and Senior Solutions Consultants Jen McCabe and Dawn Huffman-Kerins.


Titled “The Transformation of HR to Agile People Operations is Here”, the session will explore how forward-thinking teams are pivoting to embrace a position-centric architecture coupled with automation and adaptive workflows designed for dynamic and flexible organizations.


We look forward to meeting so many great professionals! Learn more about what we have in store for conference attendees at this year’s HRTech by visiting synchr.com/goldenticket (Hint: You’re in for a treat!). See you there!


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