HR Predictions for 2014

The future of HR technology is looking great. In a recent blog post, the top 10 trends for 2014 technology were highlighted. In this post, we’ll focus on what we believe are the top four.

HR Predictions for 2014HR data will be just as prominent and secure in the cloud as onsite.
As technology continues to develop we’ll be confident that our data is secure in the cloud.


Mobile tools will reign supreme.
We’re working in an age where most of the content we search for is done on our mobile devices. In 2014 we’ll be applying for jobs and doing everything on mobile that we once did on a desktop.

Big data will be bigger than ever.
Right now we’re using big data, but not to it’s full extent. In 2014 big data will be bigger than ever.

HR Solutions will become more data-focused.
The programs used by HR professionals will help create more informed decisions because the data will be able to be sorted in a more efficient manner.

As Blake says in his post, “2014 will be the year of HR Technology.”

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