How HCM Software Supports Efficient & Effective Onboarding

In every organization, each department’s contributions are dependent upon its employees’ effectiveness. The data about those employees can play a major role in decision-making and help executives and other managers understand the details of the positions and how they intersect and interact.

Data is only as good as the reports that can display and provide insight into what is being analyzed and why. When information about your people is spread across various systems or left unexamined in individual files or is difficult to access or analyze, it creates a huge gap in understanding and an inability to react in a timely manner based on crucial information.

Efficiencies Support the Hiring Manager & New Employee

How HCM Software Supports Efficient & Effective OnboardingIn the days leading up to new hires starting and the first few days after they start, there is a lot of information gathering and setup required before employees can actually dive into the work they were hired to do. Your HR department needs to obtain I9, W-2, Direct Deposit information, benefit elections, and other data from your employees before fully integrating them into the system. That information gathering can take a lot of time, but with a centralized, automated HCM system, which can be accessed by users on both ends, everyone saves time and is more efficient.

The right comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) platform can facilitate the completion of these first steps in a timely manner, automating the administrative details, and delivering the information to necessary parties. Then employees can begin learning about the company and digging into their new responsibilities right away. This ease of use frees up tasks for new employees and their supervisors as well as other administrators, allowing them to spend more time on their core jobs, rather than pushing papers and tracking down information.

More Effective Onboarding

As noted by the Society for Human Resource Management, a study by the Wyndhurst Group found that effective onboarding programs are directly related to a 58 percent increase in three-year employee retention. The same study showed employees often had made a decision about staying with the company long-term in those first six months. An engaged, supportive onboarding approach can work wonders on first impressions, working towards an extended investment. HCM technologies can be a key element to supporting and improving the effectiveness of these programs.

The more you know, the better you can improve and enhance your policies, procedures and programs. Leveraging analytics to evaluate the onboarding process takes away the guesswork and provides actionable information for HR specialists, all while allowing your new recruits a better chance at success.

By using the right HCM software, all employee information is easily stored and accessed, and reports can be created at the touch of a button, with charts and graphs that make it easy to spot trends and draw conclusions. A user-friendly, intuitive interface should simplify the early administrative steps while also cutting out unnecessary steps, allowing everyone from new employees all the way to HR experts to spend their time on matters that are critical to your organization.


Interested in a more efficient and effective onboarding process? SyncHR’s HCM technology makes onboarding easy and effective, contact us to learn more about what this could mean for your business.

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