HCM Technology Helps Managers Recruit Better Candidates

In order to find and win over the best talent for your organization, recruiting has to be about more than posting job descriptions and sifting through the dozens of applicants in the hopes that you’ll find a match. Data has the ability to transform the way companies determine and fill positions, and technology can improve the overall process.

A comprehensive human capital management (HCM) platform can help your company’s talent acquisition team improve recruiting efforts in several different ways:

Applicant Tracking Systems

HCM Technology Helps Managers Recruit Better CandidatesAn applicant tracking system (ATS) takes the elaborate world of recruiting, with its many stages and detailed data, and helps HR teams gain insight from the metrics. Open positions, timelines until positions are filled, number of applicants, planned interviews, extended offers, and all the specifics of each category can be managed and easily accessed through a HCM system with ATS capabilities. Many practical performance gaps can be identified and addressed with the technology to manage it all, and the cycle of seeking and hiring people can be accomplished more effectively.

Algorithm-Based Technology

Established algorithms allow computers to process large quantities of data much faster and organize them into sections for analysis according to what is being assessed. This system allows specialists to locate patterns of behavior, candidate qualifications, keyword searches, or any other details that turn an applicant into a candidate worth considering. Flexible software should allow companies to develop their own algorithms according to what is most useful for their organizations, and continue to tweak as needed.

Improving Sources

Survey and interview the top hiring managers in your company to trace patterns and trends that are currently occurring when searching for positions. Specific job boards, professional organizations, certificate programs, universities, or other institutions may have turned out great talent before. With the “who, what, where, and when” knowledge, your HR teams can determine what partnerships could be forged to help attract and refer the right candidates. Chart out the source of past positions and identify which initial recruiting strategies have been the most fruitful.

Cost Awareness

With the variety of tools assessing how and where, your business will know exactly what resources are being expended to track down each position. When measuring this information against the results of your other assessments, you can determine which strategies are the most cost-effective, not just valuable, and what efforts have resulted in an overall loss.

Utilizing specifically developed technology for human capital management makes as much sense as using a system to manage payroll, or in accounting. Technology can further many different human resource goals, and recruiting operations in particular will benefit from a comprehensive overview and cross-functional analysis of your business recruiting practices.

Do you have questions about important capabilities and processes of an HCM platform when it comes to recruiting? Contact SyncHR for more information.

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