Engaged Employees Bring Engaged Customers

According to a recent article featured in Technorati, beyond being an organization’s biggest asset, engaged employees all share six common traits leading to increased customers.

  1. They believe in their organization.
  2. They have the desire to work to make things better.
  3. They understand the business context and get the bigger picture.
  4. They are respectful and helpful to other colleagues.
  5. They are willing to go the extra mile.
  6. They stay up-to-date with developments within their industry.

Engaged Employees Bring Engaged Customers

So, what constitutes an engaged employee?

  • Engaged employees produce twice as much work product in the same time as unengaged employees.
  • 40%-80% of customer satisfaction is directly affected by employee attitudes, according to the National Business Research Institute.

Unfortunately, many organizations are not taking the time to focus on engaging their employees. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Believe it has little to no effect
  • Takes too much time
  • Lack of effective tools and processes
  • Lack of measurement and ROI
  • Unsure how to go effectively manage process

However, people trust other people, not brands. Look at the influencer marketing craze right now. Influencer marketing is the practice of partnering brands with influential social media users to spread an authentic branded message. The end result is an increased trust in the brand. Why is this? It’s because people trust what they hear from their peers rather than what they read in an advertisement.

If an organization focuses on engaging their employees, they turn these employees into brand advocates. When these employees talk about how great their company is, people listen. According to Michael Brenner of SAP, “It’s a crusade to get an entire employee base participating in the content development process, but the content we produce is going to help us engage with new customers, grow new business. You need to get every employee on the bandwagon, and cross the line from enablement to encouragement.”

Simply put, when you engage your employees, you turn them into advocates. They will share their enthusiasm for your brand with their friends, families, social networks, etc. Not only does this help with brand awareness and an increase in brand loyalty, but it will help you gain (and retain) a bigger customer base.

“With ‘friend-of-mine awareness’, you seek to have the prospective customer allow you inside their circle of trust, where you become more than just a purveyor, but rather a valuable resource.” – Jay Baer, Youtility author

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