Build Culture Where Your Employees Are: How Organizations Can Retain, Engage and Inspire Morale Through COVID-19


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June 10th | 9am PST / 12 pm EST 


Practically overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic required hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers to work from home, whether their positions were designed to be remote or not. Now, organizations have to navigate the impact of the pandemic on business operations, and the nuances of maintaining company culture with a displaced workforce. 


As organizations face decisions about the future of the workplace, all are asking these incredibly important questions: what does the new world of work look like, and how do we keep employees engaged and encourage retention in the long-term if the world of work never quite returns to “normal”?


In this webinar, SyncHR’s CEO Pamela Glick and Instructure’s Senior Manager of Organizational Development Jennifer Sorensen discuss insights to consider in how organizations can maintain employee engagement and retention amidst an ever-changing landscape of uncertainty. You’ll learn:  


  • COVID-19’s varied impact on different kinds of organizations

  • Smart things organizations are doing today to maintain connection, alignment and growth

  • What these changes mean for retention, engagement, and morale tomorrow


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