COBRA: What is your employer’s responsibility?

SyncHR has partnered with BASIC HR Solutions to help you with your COBRA needs. It is BASIC’s policy to do all they can to make COBRA worry-free. However, there are certain steps you should be aware of that the employer is required to do:

  1. Notify COBRA Record-keeper of Initial Events (new additions to the health plan).
  2. Notify COBRA Record-keeper of Qualifying Events within 30 days of event.  The qualifying events are:
    1. Termination of Employment (voluntary or involuntary)
    2. Reduction of Work Hours
    3. Employee’s Death
    4. Divorce or Legal Separation
    5. Loss of Dependent Status
    6. Medicare Entitlement
    7. Bankruptcy of Employer
  3. Notify COBRA Record-keeper of Unavailability of COBRA Event
  4. Notify Insurance providers of additions and terminations
  5. Notify COBRA Record keeper of discrepancies in the monthly summary reports
  6. Notify COBRA Record keeper of insurance renewal rates and additions/changes of COBRA qualified benefits.

Let our COBRA experts help you avoid costly compliance pitfalls! Can you afford to leave your business vulnerable to penalties up to $100 per day per qualified beneficiary? Click Here for more information!

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John Cuellar

John Cuellar

John is responsible for SyncHR’s product, engineering, and system operations teams. He is focused on streamlining the business processes related to HCM and finance by distributing SyncHR to all members of the workforce and by using patented security and workflow to control these developments. John is also responsible for delivering SyncHR as a cloud based application with “extreme ratio” financial metrics.

He has a background in engineering, workplace applications, and business administration, bringing over 25 years of experience deploying strategic HCM applications. Prior to co-founding SyncHR, John was the CEO of Harbor Technologies, since acquired by Mellon Financial Corporation. Previous to Harbor Technology Group, he spent an internship with the Swiss Bank Corporation in their derivatives pricing and trading group and also worked as a senior manager for the US Navy. John received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and his Master of Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.

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