Announcing the Arrival of SyncHR 5.2!

Announcing the Arrival of syncHR 5.2!Our Product Management team is pleased to announce the successful roll-out of syncHR, version  5.2! The team has worked hard on this release and they have some exciting new updates to share. Here are a few highlights of the new features and enhancements.

New Reports Library Interface – The ability to easily access and run reports is critical to our clients. For this reason we are focusing heavily on improving our reporting infrastructure. We’ve added new search features and we’ve redesigned the interface.

Added New Standard Reports To Library – We have added several new reports to help clients get a clear view of how their data is set up and allow them to verify the accuracy of the set up at implementation and for annual review. We also added new reports to allow clients to track important employee data year round.

Outbound Notifications Log – The syncHR system has always had a robust notification system, allowing HR to keep in contact with employees via the application.  We now have a way for administrators to track all notifications sent from within syncHR, allowing them to confirm whether a message was sent and determine why it may not have been received.  Administrators will also be able to resend messages immediately to waiting employees.

Support For Documents Requiring E-signature – Compliance and liability are top-of-mind for HR professionals.  Teams that are working hard to go paperless need the ability to record an E-signature for critical company documents and communications.  In addition to being able to mark certain company documents as requiring employee review, syncHR now allows the HR department to record an E-signature from the employee, acknowledging receipt of a document.

Retro PTO Request Support – Employees can now submit a time off request for any date in the past.  Requests will still be routed to their manager for review and approval.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for more details on the release.

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