Announcing SyncHR 5.4!

We are pleased to announce the 5.4 release of syncHR. This release provides several highly requested functionality enhancements.

Completely Redesigned PTO Calendar

The previous manager only PTO calendar has been completely redesigned, and enhanced to include employee access and the ability for employees to view peer requests.

Managers can now view and respond to their employee PTO requests at any time. Employees can view and manage current requests, as well as make new requests in a more intuitive way through a full-page calendar. Employees can also view their peer’s requests enabling them to coordinate time off requests.

Enhance Employee Onboarding

An initial release of a new employee onboarding infrastructure has been rolled out. This release has split the new hire process into a series of small components and added it to the workflow-processing engine. These changes will enable us to expand the new hire process by adding additional components and the support for multiple process flows.

Public Facing API

SyncHR now includes a public facing Application Programmer Interface (API) that enables customers, vendors, and partners to extract data from, as well as write data to, the syncHR database in a dynamic and secure way.

SyncHR Time

We are proud to announce syncHR Time, a Time and Attendance offering through our partner nettime and their stratustime product, a leading cloud based time and attendance application. SyncHR Time leverages our new API for seamless integration with the stratustime application so both systems are always in sync, as well as includes support for Single Sign-On (SSO) and an embedded user interface, enabling users to access time collection and approval functionality without leaving the comfort of their syncHR self-service page.

…and as usual, we have continued our commitment to squashing as many bugs as possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding syncHR and/or this release.

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