7 Unique Benefits SyncHR Brings to HCM Solutions


Most HR executives feel overwhelmed when trying to evaluate the $15 billion HCM software industry and select the right vendor. There are so many options, each with successful case studies and product – it’s challenging to figure out which platform is really the right choice for your organization!


While there are a number of competitive options on the market, at SyncHR we’re confident we’re the right choice. Not just because of our decades of experience in HCM solutions – though that’s a big part of it. It’s because we know we’ve built a truly unique, flexible solution that helps organizations run at the new speed of business. 


One of the most important distinctions we offer is turning HR data into an empowering tool that offers visibility and measurability to the entire organization. 


In most organizations, the HR team is responsible for providing people data to other business leaders in marketing, sales, and the c-suite. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, this can lead to information bottlenecks and a reactive response to HR data, as the line of business leader only sees what is sent to them.  


SyncHR equips these leaders with self-service capabilities that allow them to access this information in real-time and proactively go to HR and identify gaps and priorities that might otherwise be missed. In this scenario, HR executives and other leadership within your company are able to support the business as a whole without burdening HR with the responsibility of sourcing all of the information.


As you consider which HCM platforms will be able to offer you the support and technology you need to perform your best, here are seven unique features of the SyncHR platform that allow our customers to capture a strategic advantage with their HR data:


    1.  Position Management Architecture

Most HCM platforms delete the data associated with a position whenever the employee in that position leaves the organization or department. This leaves companies with an incomplete view of the positions within the organization, which can negatively affect your workforce planning goals. 


With SyncHR’s position management architecture, you can retain critical employee data to inform your company’s growth, even as your team evolves over time. You then have access to historical workforce data to make the most informed decisions possible.  


Read more about SyncHR’s approach to position management here


    2.  Past and Future Timeline Event  

Businesses often need to track and store data that is date effective, such as an effective date for an employee’s promotion and raise. But it can be a complicated process to make sure your system acts on that data correctly – and it can be costly if they don’t.


SyncHR’s patented Time Relational Data Model allows organizations to ensure date effective models are consistent and run reliably, even as those transactions are being applied within the HCM system.


Read more about SyncHR’s patented Time Relational Data Model here



    3.  Interactive Organization Chart

Not everyone thinks best in pen and paper. And yet for a long time, HR executives have had to manage org chart development manually by drawing up and printing new charts. 


SyncHR takes a more creative approach with an interactive org chart, which allows you to drag and drop nodes within the platform to develop your organizational structure. This provides an easy visual to assess organizational structure, gaps, and needs and map visions for how changes will impact the business.


Read more about SyncHR’s interactive org chart here



    4.  Data Organized Into Dashboards

You can’t inform your decisions with your HR data if it’s not accessible. Which is why SyncHR provides several dashboard templates that organize your most important metrics at a glance. For example, in the performance management platform, you can display performance management data to quickly assess progress on goals, frequency of meetings, and areas to develop. 


Read more about SyncHR’s approach to data and dashboards here


    5.  Benefits Management

The benefits landscape is constantly growing in scale and complexity, making it hard to manage the robust benefits program you want to offer your employees. SyncHR integrates benefits management into the full HCM solution so you can enhance your employee’s experience, simplify enrollment, and relieve administrative burdens from the HR team.  


Learn more about SyncHR’s benefits management support here


    6.  Complex Calculations

One of the most powerful features of the SyncHR platform is our approach to non-linear payroll processing. We’ve uncoupled the payroll process from a traditional timeline, which means you can process payroll transactions based on date ranges rather than limiting yourself to sequential batches. This allows you to run past, present, and future calculations as part of your planning process.


    7.  Intuitive User Interface

It doesn’t matter how powerful a HCM platform is if your employees don’t feel comfortable using it. That’s why SyncHR invests so much time and attention into the user interface – we’ve been careful to design a product that is easy and intuitive to use so onboarding and implementation is as smooth a process as possible.  


Redesigning HCM to Build a Stronger Organization

As an HR executive searching for the right HCM software, you don’t have to settle for the same old HR software shifted into the cloud. SyncHR has redefined and redesigned HCM technology to develop a cloud-based, people-centric platform that provides more accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility than any other HCM provider. We help our customers turn HR data into a competitive advantage by making that data visible, measurable, and accessible – and we can help you do that, too.

See SyncHR in action, or contact one of our experts to schedule a demo. 

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Pamela DeLoatch

Pamela DeLoatch

Pamela is a freelance marketing writer who specializes in Human Resources and HR technology. With 16 years of HR and writing experience, combined with a journalism degree and an MBA, Pamela delivers compelling content that engages the audience and effectively conveys the marketing message.

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