5 Tips On Employee Appreciation

Did you know Employee Appreciation Day was on Friday, March 7th this year? Did your company or department do anything special? There may have been a small celebration or a thank you email that went out. Maybe you or your employer didn’t do anything to recognize the day. If you, however, are a manager or human resources professional thinking, “employee appreciation should be celebrated and recognized more than once a year,” then you are on the right track when it comes to showing your employees you care.

5 Tips On Employee AppreciationAccording to this report, 653 respondents were asked if their company rewarded according to their job performance. 54% said, “No.” Conversely, when asked if they liked to have their efforts and contributions recognized at work, 86% said, “Yes.”

Employee appreciation and recognition directly correlates with employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are less likely to look for other jobs and are more likely to be motivated to perform their best.

Here are five tips on how to show your appreciation:

  1. Do it Often and On Time – Employee Appreciation Day is great, but the message is much more powerful when it is delivered on a regular basis. Aim to say your thanks as soon as the event that prompted it occurs. This is interpreted as more sincere, as opposed to thanking them months later during an annual review.
  2. Get Specific – Explaining why you are appreciative paints a clearer picture of the behavior you value. When employees know what they are recognized and rewarded for, the chance of them repeating the performance is higher.
  3. Reward with What They Want – Rewarding employees along with recognition goes a long way. Consider allowing them to choose their own reward.
  4. Let it Be Known – Sharing successes and recognition with the entire department or company not only magnifies the praise, but it also sets an example for others to follow.
  5. Be Spontaneous – Recognition should be unexpected. This way, it focuses on praising a job well done rather than becoming an expected reward for completing a set goal or project.

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