5 Reasons behind the Explosive Growth of Cloud-Based HCM Systems

According to a new forecast from Gartner, this year’s demand for cloud computing will grow 18% to $246.8 billion in total worldwide revenue. Accounting for $46.3 billion of that revenue, and growing at a rate of approximately 20%, are business applications that deliver services to customers over the internet (also known as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS). Most new business software companies are using SaaS and older companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are quickly moving toward and adapting this model.

So, what does this have to do with Human Capital Management (HCM) services? We offer our clients HCM services through a native, cloud-based design and believe it is the most effective solution in the market. Here are five of the most compelling reasons why:

Reason #1: Uses Resources Wisely.
A native, cloud-based design reduces IT involvement and requires less support, needing only a modern web browser and internet access, rather than a complex set of hardware and a staff to maintain it. In this way, companies can reduce the size of their data centers, the number of servers, and potentially the number of staff – all resulting in lower IT costs.   

Reason #2: Provides Highest Security & Availability.
Most cloud providers are serious about security and availability – very serious. Rather than try to keep up and replicate the most advanced security solutions internally, cloud-based solutions allow companies to keep their data safe using the highest security standards and industry certifications available.

Reason #3: Keeps Focus on What You Do Best
With a cloud-based design, service providers handle all the system maintenance so internal staff do not have to spend time on non-profit centers. This leaves teams free to focus on what they do best such as taking care of customers, helping employees and growing the business.

Reason #4: Ensures You Always Have Fresh Software
With SaaS, customers have access to the latest software versions as soon as they are available. Additionally, SyncHR’s native, built-for-cloud system uses a single code line, which means there are never multiple versions of the same application and it cannot get out of sync. This eliminates the expense and hassle of maintaining multiple code lines. Upgrades are developed by experienced cloud-based engineers who anticipate possible issues and address them before deployment. All upgrades are automatic.

Reason #5: Delivers a Competitive Advantage
Saving time, lowering costs, keeping data safe and using the industry’s most innovative technology gives companies important competitive advantages over competitors. With a cloud-based HCM system, companies can quickly implement cutting-edge solutions without wasted time or expense. SaaS services allows companies to focus on their businesses, not the technology.

For more details on SyncHR’s cloud-based HCM system, click here.

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The SyncHR Team

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