5 Client Experience Qualities Brokers Should Expect from Their Tech Partners


Today, benefits brokers are increasingly investing in technology — both for themselves and for their clients. A combination of factors is driving the decision — first and foremost the need to provide a valuable resource to clients, many of whom are looking for digital solutions. By embracing technology, brokers can be more competitive, especially as the insurance industry begins to catch up in the digital space. 

Not just any technology investment will do, though. Two-thirds of brokers (67%) in a recent survey said they’re recommending a full-suite human capital management (HCM) system to their clients, rather than just a benefits- or HR-focused solution. Brokers know that recommending a more robust solution will help solve many of the people management and benefits challenges their clients face and create data and workflow efficiencies that work for everyone — brokers, clients, and clients’ employees. 

This makes the partnership between you as the broker and your technology provider that much more important. With so much riding on your recommendations to clients, you need to ensure the HCM system you choose will come with the technical expertise and software functionalities you and your clients are looking for. Just as important, your technology partner also needs to provide a great service experience. 

Here are five client experience qualities you should expect from your HCM technology partner that can help you and your clients get the most out of the solution and solidify your reputation as a trusted employee benefits broker and advisor.

1. Flexibility

Benefits are complex, to begin with, and many employers are either dealing with complicated health insurance plans and reimbursement arrangements that change over time or they’re adding new ones to the mix. These custom plans not only have to be easily configurable in the HCM system, but the system’s client service reps also have to be adaptable as well. They need to understand employers’ needs and help them meet their goals — no matter what’s changing or how quickly. At the end of the day, smooth benefits administration comes from a flexible, modern software platform accompanied by flexible service reps who can support brokers and their clients pivot when needed and simplify benefits complexity. 

2. Marketing assistance

Boosting benefits enrollment can come about through several avenues, and one of them is with customized or branded marketing materials that employers can use in their organizations. The problem is, that many benefits brokers can’t offer marketing assistance because they don’t have in-house marketing capabilities, and sometimes their clients lack in-house marketing support as well. Your HCM technology partner can fill the gap, capitalizing on their industry expertise to create or advise on employee-facing marketing materials your clients can use to increase benefits adoption. 

3. Education resources 

Another way to increase benefits enrollment is through education. Employees need help understanding the value of their health benefits, which ones they’re entitled to, and how to use them. Without that understanding, employees are less likely to adopt benefits, which means employers end up with a lower return on their investment. Similar to marketing assistance, your HCM technology partner should be able to provide educational resources so that your clients’ employees can learn about their benefits and enroll with confidence.

4. Thought leadership

Employees aren’t the only ones that benefit from education. When a technology partner is a leader in the industry, they have years of knowledge and expertise behind them that can be used to enhance the client experience and provide invaluable thought leadership — spurring innovation and creating more trust. Your technology partner should do more than just trade in software solutions; they should also share thoughts and ideas that you can turn around and use to provide the guidance your clients need, thus improving the service you provide and strengthening your own broker reputation. Sharing knowledge is the bread and butter of the broker-client relationship as it guides your clients to make more informed decisions for their employees, causing a win-win for all parties involved.

5. Visible dedication to clients

Often a rewarding client experience comes from a lot of little things that can have a huge impact. It might be a smile or a thank you. It might be a suggestion for how to use the platform more effectively. It might be a regular invitation to provide feedback. No matter what, it’s always about how you, as a broker, feel after you’ve had a conversation with your technology partner — or during any interaction with them, for that matter. If you’re happy, your partner has succeeded. To that end, any HCM technology partner should have a well-thought-out client experience model that centers on client happiness and produces a track record of client success.

Partnering with SyncHR

As a client service first organization with a full-suite HCM technology solution, SyncHR gives you the technical expertise, software functionality, and quality service you and your clients need for modern people management and benefits administration. We’re deliberately focused on providing an exceptional client experience every time, helping us build long-term partnerships with our valued employee benefits broker clients. 

We are here to support you and your clients with efficient, accurate, and cost-effective workforce management and benefits administration solutions — and make sure you’re happy in the process. To learn more about SyncHR, click here


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