What if running payroll was simple?

What if running payroll was simple?

Paying your people what they’ve earned doesn’t sound too difficult. But payroll can be anything but easy when you’re dealing with:

  • Onboarding part-time or seasonal staff

  • Different tax rates and laws across local and state locations

  • Mid-period pay changes, overtime, bonuses, or leave

  • Limited visibility because data is stored in various places


SyncHR’s HCM streamlines many of the most essential payroll and tax activities that burden HR teams and take time away from focusing on more important operations to support the business.


Integrating payroll with your HRMS can help eliminate data entry errors that cost the business real dollars and make your employees feel like the company doesn’t care about them by automating core processes and linking them directly to your core HR management system for complete visibility, transparency, and data accuracy.



Now, instead of manually processing payroll sequentially, dealing with complex tax scenarios, and spending hours compiling reports that are outdated as soon as they’re done, SyncHR HRMS let’s you:

  • Process payroll transactions based on date ranges

  • Automatically configure tax withholdings to the local level based on work location and/or employee addresses

  • Load batches of pay data via API

  • Make changes mid-pay period and automate retro pays

  • Access detailed payroll data in real-time for greater auditability and meaningful insight in a self service system.

Enhanced payroll processing tools that really pay off

Retro-Pay Calculations

Retro-Pay Calculations

Eliminate historical data accuracy gaps and automatically reprocess prior period payrolls and to correct payments, track arrears, and provide journal entry adjustments.

Centralized Core System of Record

Centralized Core System of Record

Use a single dataset for all your payroll calculations to incorporate the necessary payroll inputs from the Human Resources and Benefits Management functional areas inclusive of past, current, or future updates.

Automated FLSA Compliance Calculations

Automated FLSA Compliance Calculations

Avoid FLSA compliance risks with automatic calculations across your payroll and withholdings practices by simply updating your data and letting the system do all the rest.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Slice and dice your payroll data on-demand and in real-time for unrivaled visibility. Enable access by line of business or departmental owners as well as executives to transform HR from a business bottleneck to a business enabler and strategic partner.

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