Empower your staff to be forever learners

It’s hard to build an enterprise-wide culture of accountability and performance when employee training needs are not met, you lack the proper training tools, don’t have a training platform, and learning paths are absent. Make every employee your best employee and boost morale by investing in your employees’ training, and offering learning programs that will transform performance and personal and professional development.

Empower your staff to be forever learners

SyncHR Learning & Development includes innovative employee training solutions and LMS features that help you inspire a better training experience, boost employee performance and align their personal goals with your organizational objectives. SyncHR’s HCM platform key features enable you to:

  • Engage new employees from day 1 with onboarding integrated compliance and role-specific training materials and online courses

  • Keep employees engaged even after employee onboarding

  • Utilize peer-generated training modules for additional online learning that’s accessible anytime, from anywhere to help your employees reach their full potential — even when they change jobs.

  • Automation functionality for employee performance reviews and more frequent evaluations

  • Develop personalized career paths that align individual employee goals with broader business initiatives

  • Strategically plan merit pay increases and bonuses to boost retention and job satisfaction

  • Rapidly deliver skill-boosting ad hoc and customized eLearning courses with direct feedback, tracking, and reporting

  • Customize and organize a learning management system (LMS) that accelerates and incentivizes employee learning

  • Deploy web-based training programs employees can access at any time, from anywhere

Specialized online employee training software for an engaged workforce

On-demand course development and access

On-demand course development and access

Use off-the-shelf employee training courses and intuitive content creation tools to customize user-friendly, on-demand learning opportunities that help your employees grow anywhere, anytime.

Detailed, real-time performance and learning reporting

Detailed, real-time performance and learning reporting

Effortlessly track training progress and individual job performance with detailed dashboards, course reports, and survey results, for real-time actionable learning and development insights.

Automatic training enrollment

Automatic training enrollment

Skip time-consuming manual scheduling with automatic enrollment for required corporate training and compliance courses to ensure every employee gets the instruction they need, when they need it.

Job description, salary, and benchmarks library

Job description, salary, and benchmarks library

Standardize performance expectations with customizable position profiles, performance benchmarks and definitions for simpler performance evaluation and more equitable compensation adjustments.

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