Turn your HR team from reactive to proactive.

Human resources are key to planning and executing your corporate business objectives. But standard HR systems and HCM software make it impossible for the team to keep up with the needs of the business because of time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

Turn your HR team from reactive to proactive.

SyncHR HCM automates and streamlines the most common and time-consuming HR tasks to transform your team from a reactive support role to the very heart and soul of your company.


Our unique position-based architecture and customizable workflows unify position and employee data into a single source and automatically captures, stores, and updates employee- or business-related data. Talent management, performance management, benefits administration, compensation, and more can be stored and accessed in a self service SaaS platform that streamlines HR operations.


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Now, instead of wasting time copying and pasting information from one system to another you can spend more time:

  • Closing visibility gaps for line of business and executive leaders with rich, accurate organizational information

  • Aligning projected headcount with business needs

  • Comparing historical and projected employee spending

  • Evaluating employee lifecycle and churn

  • Improving the employee experience

  • Monitoring training achievements, performance, and progress

  • Making fully informed, intelligent business decisions

Powerful tools to build a powerful HR system

Position-based architecture

Position-based architecture

Update position and person data in real-time without destroying your org chart or recreating employee records from scratch. Essential information about positions and roles remains in your system, even if the employee changes jobs or leaves your organization.

Single system of record

Single system of record

Create a single source of truth for your whole organization by consolidating employee, position, and payroll information and centralizing electronic documents for easy and reliable access to current and accurate business data. Every metric of human capital management in a single spot.

Streamlined employee onboarding

Streamlined employee onboarding

Simplify and accelerate the new hire process with guided online onboarding that eliminates paper and manual processes and helps your new team members hit the ground running.

At-a-glance employee costing

At-a-glance employee costing

Get a real-time snapshot of your current total workforce expenditures with on-demand total compensation reporting. Go beyond just salaries and hourly wages to understand the true cost of your workforce to make smarter, more informed decisions for your growing team.

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