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With SyncHR's HR Stand Alone solution, you can simply add your payroll to modern HR capabilities. Skip the migration and experience the best of both.

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SyncHR's Modern HR Technology

  • Automated Recordkeeping

  • HR Reporting & Insights

  • Drag & Drop Organization Planning

  • Single Sign-on for Payroll & HR

  • Workflows & Automation

  • Employee Self-Service

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Happy with your ERP? Our clients enjoy synchronistic workflows & automation between their HCM and ERP, keeping finance and HR aligned. Learn More

Enjoy Modern HR Management Without Disrupting Payroll

For some teams, migrating payroll isn't an option.


Bad Timing

Knowing when to migrate payroll can be difficult.


Competing Priorities

The business has prioritized other meaningful projects.


Tight Budget

Your company hasn't budgeted a payroll migration this year.

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One Size Fits All: We Grow With You

Drag & Drop Org Chart

An interactive way to manage the organization.

  • Drag & drop creation and modification

  • View filled & vacant positions

  • Past, present & future views

  • Deep-dive data

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Drag & Drop Org Chart

Automated Workflows

Improve your team’s efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

  • Streamline common business processes

  • Predefined workflows

  • Scalable & Role-Based

  • Single, centralized database

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Automated Workflows

Robust Reporting

A central, integrated home for all your people data.

  • Centralized core system of record

  • Custom data extracts

  • Anytime, anywhere access

  • Data quality and accuracy

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Robust Reporting

Time Machine Tech

Gain insight into the past, present, and even the future.

  • Effective date actions

  • Moment-in-time transactions

  • Deep-dive historical trends

  • Anytime onboarding and new hire starts

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Time Machine Tech

Our five-star Benefits Solution was purposefully built in harmony with HR Management & Payroll.

Explore Our Benefits Administration Technology

SyncHR's HRIS vs. Others

Features & Benefits


Other Providers

35 Years - Exceptional Client Experiences


Happy Client Methodology


Transactional Org Chart


Time Machine Technology


Pre-Built workflows


International HR Data Tracking


Guided Set-up

Happy Client Methodology

Exceptional Service Starts Here

Our Happy Client Methodology blends purpose and passion to reinforce our mission:

"To make our clients smile every day through exceptional service."

This service model is built upon research, proven best practices, and continual improvement. Our top priority is to ensure that you begin and continue your journey with us - happy.

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SyncHR Platform Overview

Our patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM

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