What gets measured gets managed

SyncHR empowers your Human Resources team, department managers, and company executives with unrivaled visibility and transparency across your entire workforce with the industry’s richest, most detailed and dynamic HR dashboards.

What gets measured gets managed

SynchHR HCM gives your entire team the on-demand, real-time business intelligence you need to plan your workforce operations, measure your success against those benchmarks, and more closely manage your everyday business operations.


And with SyncHR’s unique position-based architecture, all the decision making data about a role or position — salary and total compensation, responsibilities, and qualifications — remain in the system even after deleting or removing the employee who last held the job to ensure you’re working from the latest, most accurate information.


Drill down into your HR analytics to make smarter, data-driven business decisions by instantly visualizing the data already stored in your HR and payroll systems. With SyncHR, you can get at-a-glance, real-time views of human resources KPIs:

  • Your total workforce summary

  • Open vs. filled positions

  • Monthly and annual turnover rate

  • Gender, ethnicity, and tenure-specific stats

Unparalleled Insight for Unprecedented Business Agility

Unparalleled Insight for Unprecedented Business Agility

Get the information your HR department needs to put the right people in the right roles as the right times. SyncHR HCM puts the most recent, accurate, and richly detailed workforce data and HR metrics at your fingertips in one convenient location to help you:

  • Uncover and address potentially troubling workforce trends

  • Identify new opportunities for improving productivity and performance

  • Manage critical people-related aspects of your daily business that lead to more agility, efficiency, and profitability

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