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Why SyncHR for Tech Companies?

Technology drives every aspect of our lives. But even the companies that make those technologies aren’t immune to the HR challenges of managing and optimizing a highly skilled workforce.

Job candidates expect more salary and better benefits for specialized skills in coding and infrastructure, creating a new level of complexity in compensation negotiations. Competition for limited talent is greater than ever, as workforce diversity becomes a business imperative and recruiting international and visa-sponsored employees becomes a competitive necessity. And Human Resources teams must manage it all through a series of disjointed systems and point tools.

Why SyncHR for Tech Companies?

SyncHR’s all-in-one HCM solution simplifies high-tech HR by unifying data from across the enterprise, automating previously manual HR operations, and empowering leaders with tools to:

  • Drive greater overall productivity
  • Attract world class talent from outside the country
  • Enhance recruiting and retention for high skill technical roles
  • Streamline benefits administration
  • Strengthen compliance

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Go high-tech with efficient, integrated tech forward HR solutions

Complete employee lifecycle management

Complete employee lifecycle management

Identify and recruit qualified talent from anywhere in the world before your competitors with a streamlined experience for candidates, hiring managers, and administrators. Create, change, or vacate positions with a few clicks to accommodate changing workforce demands. Make offers sooner with one-click background check processes and accelerate new-hire onboarding with automated delivery and collection of new-hire forms and paperwork.

Training and Development

Training and Development

Maintain a skills advantage by retaining your best talent. Increase employee engagement with frequent employee-manager check-ins, performance appraisals create personalized career roadmaps for a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and use robust eLearning and 1:1 coaching tools to help develop critical skills to make those plans a reality. 

Enhanced compliance features

Enhanced compliance features

Improve compliance with regulations like HIPAA, WOTC, and a host of workplace safety standards by automating necessary forms and centralizing your policy management. Maintain updated records of legally required compliance training for your entire work staff, simplify paperwork for H1B and other work visa opportunities, and create a fully auditable digital paper trail without having to employ an army of compliance experts. 

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What our customers are saying

SyncHR has enhanced our employee experience with payroll and benefits, and has provided everyone easy access to the important information they need when they need it. As managers and executives, it allows us to move away from being task oriented to focus more on the business and the strategic value of our roles.”

Sutton S, Manager - Finance



FAQs from People Like You

Because job candidates for technology careers expect more salary and better benefits for specialized skills in coding and infrastructure, HR teams must deal with a new level of complexity in compensation negotiations. If a technology organization’s current HCM software is still disjointed, HR teams are at a disadvantage when trying to understand gaps in workforce skills and how to best hire for these needs. SyncHR’s seamless recruiting and onboarding solutions help HR teams get new positions up in the right candidate job boards quickly and streamline top talent through the process for an optimized candidate experience. Once top talent is in your technology organization, continue to nurture their career development with SyncHR’s learning tools to keep them engaged and feeling valued. Track your hiring progress and show your value as an HR team to business leadership as well with our centralized data structure, enabling your team to pull recruiting, onboarding and workforce trend data from past, present and future into beautiful visualizations quickly and easily.
Human resource teams in technology understand that increased workplace productivity stems from the right workers in the right positions for an engaged and fulfilled workforce. However, without the ability to comprehensively see your organizational mapping, your HR team can’t work effectively to enact the needed changes in your company to provide career development in the areas that interest your workforce and meet your business needs. SyncHR’s interactive org chart allows your HR team to easily regroup your workforce, matching their skills to your critical business challenges all in real time.
Employees of technology companies now look to their employers with an expectation of work-life balance, career development opportunities and benefits that exceed industry standards. To attract and retain top talent, HR teams in technology organizations require an HCM software that can enable a positive experience throughout the employee lifecycle. SyncHR’s learning and development tools, continuous performance management structure and business insight capabilities assist HR professionals in creating an employee-centric culture that creates self-sufficiency, provides opportunity for continuous growth and allows for increased tracking so your team can provide the company culture your workforce desires.


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