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Why SyncHR for Your Retail Company?

In the holiday season, the slow season, and every season in between retail is a tough business. It’s fast and dynamic. Talent is scarce, turnover is high, and managing key daily activities like scheduling and time card reconciliation can spread store managers and HR teams too thin.

Whether you’re overseeing multiple locations or just trying to keep your best employees happy, productive, and committed to the business, SyncHR’s HCM solution helps retail business leaders simplify and streamline core activities and free them up to focus on helping employees deliver a consistently great customer experience.

Creating an exceptional in-store experience

SyncHR HCM offers a range of powerful tools to help eliminate busywork and let store leaders focus on what matters most — improving productivity, efficiency, and delivering a superior customer experience.

Advanced timekeeping

Advanced timekeeping

Ditch manual timesheet collection and reconciliation with automated timekeeping. Accurately capture time and attendance through connected time clocks, web portals, and mobile apps automatically for simple, easy, and accurate time management without the fuss.

Robust employee training and engagement

Robust employee training and engagement

Prioritize employee retention and development with off-the-shelf and configurable learning courses. Build leadership skills, operational expertise, and confidence among management and floor staff and track their progress in real-time through detailed dashboards, course reports, and survey results. Encourage personal and professional growth with frequent performance discussions, 1:1 interactions with their superiors, and personalized career path development based on their goals and skills. 

Integrated resource management

Integrated resource management

Schedule the right amount of staff, in the right stores, at the right time with advanced tools that help you create flexible schedules to account for employee availability, preferred shifts, and seasonal changes in foot traffic. You can also use these tools to automate compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws like FLSA, ACA, and other industry standards.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Real-time analytics and reporting

Get on-demand insights and actionable intelligence about operational efficiency, cost management, and staff productivity across your business. Cross reference sales reports, inventory, and employee schedules to quickly identify high-performing teams or uncover potential cases of shrink to boost overall performance and productivity.

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What our customers are saying

SyncHR gives us the ultimate control over every little detail of our operation. It automates many tasks that used to take us hours to do by hand. Most importantly, it’s a centralized single source of truth that gives us the real-time visibility into our business that we never had in the past.”

John Q, CEO ABC Company


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