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Why SyncHR is Right For You

From contracts to blueprints, professional services like consulting, legal, accounting, and architecture play a pivotal role in a modern society. Although the professions differ greatly in specialty, they do share a range of challenges that face their HR teams every day such as recruiting for highly specialized positions, providing clear personal and career development opportunities, and efficiently administering benefits packages to keep valued employees around for the long haul.

Why SyncHR is Right For You

Whether you're working in a law firm or managing your own consulting business, SyncHR's cloud-based human capital management tools help professional service firms with leading talent management practices take things a step further by enabling:

  • Faster, easier discovery of highly skilled and motivated employee talent
  • Simple, convenient, and engaging education programs to empower employees to take on more responsibility
  • Development of an employee-centric culture that produces effective results and attracts employees to work in the environment

Win the talent battle and create appealing experience for employees

SyncHR's integrated, cloud-based HCM is your HR team's secret weapon in the race to develop essential talent for greater productivity, efficiency, and a better employee experience.

Streamlined recruiting and onboarding management

Streamlined recruiting and onboarding management

Seamlessly manage the entire recruiting process electronically from a single environment. Use position-specific information from an extensive job description library to create precise profiles of your ideal candidates and kick off a targeted recruiting process with job postings on free and paid job boards. Initiate background and credentials checks with a click of a button to make offers to qualified, vetted candidates sooner and beat your competition to the punch.

Enhanced training and development

Enhanced training and development

Inspire your employees to grow by giving them access to the right information and tools delivered through a modern and engaging platform. Automatically enroll them in required training and compliance courses, while also using intuitive content creation tools to develop customized courses and programs designed to build on existing strengths and nurture new ones.

Compensation Management

Compensation Management

Optimize employee compensation to stay competitive in your market and improve the return on your human capital investments. Salary grading tools align your compensation packages with the industry norms and includes built-in merit increase planning capabilities to better control and project budget demands. Use deep-dive, on-demand custom reporting to uncover compensation trends or new insights that can help your organization attract and retain top overall talent.

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What our customers are saying

The best part of the system is how everything is interconnected and updated in real time. When you give an employee a raise it automatically calculates the back pay needed and can correct the payroll records. It handles all of the payroll and tax filings without any effort on the payroll team. The flexibility with time recording is amazing and seems to have no limitations. Overall a great product that any size company can benefit from greatly.”

Trevor F, VP of Finance




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