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Why SyncHR for Your Manufacturing Company?

Why SyncHR for Your Manufacturing Company?

It’s human nature to make things. The manufacturing sector is a core business in any economy and as businesses like yours turn to automation to gain efficiency and productivity on the line, you should also look to optimize your most prized asset: your workforce.

SyncHR’s all-in-one HCM solution helps HR teams in the manufacturing industry automate previously manual HR operations to:

  • Drive greater overall productivity
  • Improve labor cost controls
  • Enhance recruiting and retention for manufacturing positions and apprenticeship programs in a tight labor market
  • Expedite onboarding
  • Strengthen compliance and safety training
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Simplify benefits administration

Integrated HR solutions to optimize workforce management and performance

Simplified payroll management software

Simplified payroll management software

Automate time card management and reconciliation through seamless integration with core HR and accounting software to eliminate time-consuming manual entries. Reduce payroll processing time and entry errors using date-based payroll, intelligent tax configuration, and a central database.

Integrated employee lifecycle management

Integrated employee lifecycle management

Identify and recruit qualified talent before your competitors with a streamlined experience for candidates, hiring managers, and administrators. Effortlessly vacate existing positions or create new ones while expanding your reach by pushing your position out to free and paid job boards. Empower hiring managers to view, correspond with, and act on candidates at any time and begin background checks and new-hire onboarding with the push of a button.

Training and Learning

Training and Learning

Create the leaders of tomorrow from employees of today. Retain and retrain your best people to help them meet their full professional potential with robust 1:1 coaching tools, continuous performance evaluations and manager-employee interactions, and personalized career paths that build a sense of belonging, purpose, and opportunity.

Enhanced compliance features

Enhanced compliance features

Manufacturing businesses have an enhanced and unique set of safety and compliance standards to uphold. SyncHR can help to automate and improve compliance with a variety of regulatory standards with centralized policy management. Drastically reduce the risk of non-compliance violations for HIPAA, Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), and a host of other regulations without the huge volume of paperwork or having to staff an army of experts.

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What our customers are saying

From an operations perspective, one of our primary competitive advantages is the ability to manage our manufacturing facilities daily, as opposed to monthly, like our competitors. The robust nature of our daily reporting means we need rock-solid time and attendance data, and a single source database for consistency and accuracy of all our data. These were of fundamental importance to us when selecting SyncHR as our new HCM solution.”

Randy Bell, Vice President and CFO



FAQs from People Like You

The HR teams of manufacturing companies face many challenges in today’s economy, specifically around workforce shortages, recruitment capabilities, and the training and development of employees. To become and stay an optimized and profitable company, you need an optimized HCM software. SyncHR enables manufacturing companies to automate many of the tedious manual tasks that take away from the HR team’s ability to strategically contribute to business growth. With SyncHR your HR team and workforce can enjoy the benefits of increased strategic workforce planning capabilities, enhanced training features to promote employee retention and processes that onboard your workforce faster than ever before.
HR automation optimizes your organizational operations by freeing up your HR team from tedious manual tasks that distract from the ability to strategically contribute to the growth of your business. With SyncHR, you can automate time card management and reconciliation through a seamless integration with core HR and accounting software to eliminate time-consuming manual entries and reduce payroll processing time and entry errors using date-based payroll, intelligent tax configuration, and a central database.
For too long HR and payroll teams have been traditionally siloed from each other in manufacturing, leading to an increased risk of payroll errors that negatively impact workers. HCM payroll technology allows your HR team to house your people and payroll data in the same system, so you have the ability to work with real-time data that updates on both sides of the business anytime there is a change made. SyncHR adds one more piece to the value of HCM payroll with our proprietary position-based architecture and time-machine technology, meaning that pay information stays with the position even after a worker terminates and retroactive changes to compensation reflect instantly so they are captured in the upcoming payroll cycle.


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