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Why SyncHR is Right For You

The financial services sector may not always be on the front lines of change. But Human Resources teams tired of burdensome paperwork, more complex recruiting, and ever-changing compliance standards are increasingly looking for new ways to work smarter and faster.

Whether you operate in an investment group or a mortgage brokerage firm, putting the right people in the right places at the right time is the key to your success. Your HR team faces an uphill battle recruiting desirable and qualified top talent amid a shortage of mid-career candidates, higher turnover among millennials, and a booming skills gap.

Not to mention that changing technology means administering more training and tracking it all to comply with evolving industry and government regulatory standards.

Why SyncHR is Right For You

SyncHR helps financial services leaders assert total control their HR operations with a fully integrated suite of tools purpose built to help today's financial services businesses:

  • Target uniquely qualified talent, faster
  • Enable robust continued training for licensing
  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Boost productivity and company performance

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Adapting to meet current and future needs

Targeted Recruiting

Targeted Recruiting

Find the talent you need before your competition by streamlining the entire recruiting cycle from end to end. SyncHR's fully integrated suite of recruiting and onboarding tools eliminate silos and manual processes that slow you down. Use SyncHR's position-based information tools to quickly create and activate job descriptions and post them across a range of free and private jobs boards instantly to get in front of jobseekers across the country.

Stronger, more transparent compliance

Stronger, more transparent compliance

Accurate records and air-tight security are paramount in such a highly regulated industry. So is being able to prove compliance. SyncHR centralizes HR records — payroll reports, employee training records, and much more — for on-demand, point-in-time reporting.

Professional training and development

Professional training and development

Start your team off on the right foot from Day 1 with automatic enrollment in new-hire and compliance training. After that, keep them up to date on key certifications and licensing while also providing custom learning opportunities for learning new skills and building on existing ones. Keep your best and brightest people engaged and informed with powerful tools like engagement surveys, one-on-one coaching modules, and continuous performance check-ins that replace ineffective annual reviews.

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What our customers are saying

SyncHR is unique (as far as I'm aware) in allowing you to run multiple concurrent payrolls for multiple time periods. Additionally, syncHR's data structure allows you to house information at both a position and a person level. This is a radical and revolutionary switch from our former payroll provider.”

Steven D., Director of Finance




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