SyncHR HCM Platform

The most comprehensive and integrated HCM platform for driving operational efficiency, deeper business insights, and creating a sustainable culture of excellence

HR and business leaders have always turned to technology for help.

Whether it’s software for managing payroll, applicant tracking systems (ATS), onboarding, or learning management platforms, technology plays a big role in today’s digitally enabled business.

SyncHR Enterprise HCM Platform

But too often those point products operate in silos that create problematic visibility gaps, reduce data accuracy and integrity, and create countless hours of manual data management that takes focus and resources away from high-value business activities.


SyncHR is changing the HR game with the most richly-featured and tightly integrated HCM software available to better align core operations of today’s enterprise and help them compete in a rapidly changing, dynamic modern marketplace.


This isn’t just any piece of software. SyncHR replaces outdated, manually-driven HR processes with smartly designed automation, integrations, and robust tools that empower leaders across your company to:

  • Be more agile and responsive to the needs of the business

  • Improve overall productivity and efficiency 

  • Enable more granular insights for smarter, data-driven decision making

  • Provide more in depth performance management feedback

  • Reduce costly turnover and cement an engaging corporate culture


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Better technology for better business

SyncHR’s innovative approach to HCM software — a unique position-oriented architecture, extensive workflow automations, and intuitive user experiences — is challenging the notion of what HR software can and should be. With more integrations, deeper insights and visibility, and time-saving workflows, SyncHR aligns operations across your organization.

Create a culture of excellence

Turnover can be the death of any organization. SyncHR offers tools like performance management, learning and development, and guided onboarding to boost retention through improved recruiting, education and performance monitoring.

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Achieve operational efficiency

SyncHR integrates the core functions of Human Capital Management. Our automated workflows, centralized data and position management across functions are essential efficiency solutions that eliminate manual data entry and costly data errors while empowering your employees to work faster, smarter, and on higher-value activities that move your business forward.

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Gain critical business insights

Go beyond surface-level reports with dynamic and configurable dashboards, real-time reports across historical and future time periods, and persistent workforce data for rich business insights and HR analytics that help human resource professionals make sense of organization and make smarter, more informed decisions for the business.

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See why leading organizations in every industry and location trust SyncHR HCM to power their people and back-office operations.

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SyncHR Platform Overview

Our patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM

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