Talent Management

Expand the Impact of Your Human Capital Investments

As the complexities of engaging and managing your workforce continue to grow, having a single core system of record is vital to maximizing your human capital investment. We also recognize that the breadth of specialized capabilities you need to expand your reach and be more efficient, while managing costs, is always evolving. SyncHR gives you a cloud-based, patented core to serve as a solid foundation for these additional capabilities.

Recruiting – SyncHR Recruit

Let your recruiting be a great start to your employee experience.

Recruiting – SyncHR Recruit

Launching your recruiting process for a new employee should be driven by headcount decisions and initiated within your HCM system. With SyncHR Recruit and the SyncHR HCM platform, the ‘employee lifecycle’ starts before an employee is hired (with recruiting) and seamlessly flows through the various stages for a better and more streamlined experience for candidates, hiring managers, and administrators.

  • Initiate your recruiting process within SyncHR by vacating an existing position or creating a new position
  • Expand your reach by pushing your position out to free and paid job boards
  • Enable hiring managers to view, correspond with, and act on candidates at any time
  • Easily initiate a background check
  • Quickly electronically generate and send an offer letter to a candidate for them to esign and return
  • Initiate the paperless onboarding process when you are ready to hire the right candidate
  • Automate and improve or Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) compliance

Learning Management – SyncHR Learn

Invest in your people by helping them learn in ways that engage and empower them.

Learning Management – SyncHR Learn

Inspire your employees to grow by giving them access to the right information and tools delivered through a modern and engaging platform. E-learning is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is now key to employee retention, productivity, and staying competitive.

  • Easy-to-use content creation tools as well as off-the-shelf courses to get you started quickly, with the ability to customize the content to your specific needs
  • Robust reporting with dashboards, course reports, centralized reports, survey results, and more
  • Intuitive and easy to use for learners, authors and admins
  • On-demand, on-the-go learning so that you can connect with and help your employees grow anywhere, anytime
  • Everyone gets smarter when you can learn from your e-learning program (feedback, tracking & reports, etc.)
  • Extend the HR onboarding process with auto-enrollment into required training and compliance courses

Performance Management – SyncHR Perform

Ensure your employees are invested and aligned with your strategic goals and initiatives.

Performance Management – SyncHR Perform

Goals need to be captured and communicated before they can be measured and evaluated. Being able to do all of that in one place will help keep employees, managers and administrators focused on the impact and not the administration. Motivate and empower your employees to do their best with the right performance management technology.

  • Automate the employee performance evaluation process
  • Align individual employee goals with specific initiatives
  • Leverage personalized dashboards and robust reporting for gaining actionable insights
  • Access built-in, pre-loaded, customizable position profiles, performance factors and performance-level definitions
  • Always be in the know with reminders, alerts and updates

Compensation Management – SyncHR Comp

Manage your employee compensation program with ease, accuracy, and confidence.

Compensation Management – SyncHR Comp

To stay competitive within your market you need compensation management technology that is flexible, consistent, and adaptable to your organization’s specific needs. Compensation is an important component of your human resources strategy for retention, productivity, and improving the ROI of your human capital investments.

  • Job evaluation system supports fairness and objectivity
  • Merit increase planning and control for more accurate budgets
  • Salary updates keep your compensation current
  • Extensive reporting capabilities helps uncover key insights
  • Salary grade and ranges aligned within your industry
  • Job description library provides consistency

Core Platform Capabilities Include

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