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insightssuccess-newsimage-1.jpgSpend a few minutes talking with Pam GlickCEO of SyncHR, and it becomes crystal clear that she has a deep passion for HR – and a fire in her belly to right the wrongs that have plagued HR and finance professionals for years.insightssuccess-newsimage.jpg 

After nearly two decades implementing Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies for growing enterprise companies, Glick says she intuitively knew things could be done different – and better. A lot better.

“While the solutions technically worked, they were extremely complex and didn’t work well in the day-to-day chaos of the real-world,” Glick explained. “It was as if vendors designed the software having never worked a single day in HR or payroll.”

According to Glick, the enterprise space is littered with horror stories of failed or miserable HCM implementations. She said that companies traditionally had two options when it came to HR tech. They either paid hundreds of thousands of dollars – maybe even millions – in enterprise software and consultants, and crossed their fingers hoping that it would work as advertised. Or, they bought low-end, off-the-shelf software, hired a ton of administrative staff to rekey data between systems and made the best of it through sheer willpower and grit.

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