SyncHR Announces Latest Release of Next Generation Human Capital Management Platform

Enhancements Deliver More Streamlined User Interface, Increased Configuration Options, and Expanded Audit Capabilities

DENVER, Colo. – March 20, 2017 SyncHR®, a leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud-based software, today announced enhancements to its fully automated SaaS technology platform. This release, named Mt. Tam, delivers universal search, adaptable employment event coding, improved global on-boarding process capabilities and enhanced ease-of-use navigation. 

“SyncHR is further advancing its enterprise-class functionality for mid-market companies (250-5000 employees).  This segment has suffered for decades as most providers tend to focus on either the SMB or large enterprise space. Little innovation is being delivered to this critical and fast-growing market segment.” said John Cuellar, CTO and Co-Founder of SyncHR. “Mt. Tam represents our continued commitment to deliver on our mission and product plan to bring overdue enterprise-class innovation to our mid-market customers.”

Key features of the Mt. Tam release include:

  • New look & feel for modern and efficient user interface
    • Enhancements focus on continuous improvement of the user experience (across organizational roles) providing easy and intuitive access to system features and functions, and bringing new innovation to the way that customers manage their HR, benefits and payroll by leveraging a timeless, single core system of record.
  • State & federal tax elections forms for employee direct service
    • Display of effective date of changes improves accuracy and reporting when forms are edited and more clearly communicates when the changes will be effective.
  • Increased customization options for specific worker related data
    • Employers are provided more flexibility around the ability to create custom employment event reasons and custom worker types to better reflect, track, and manage the unique characteristics of their workforces.
  • Ability to directly edit employment history
    • Improved auditability and manageability of employment records to ensure historical accuracy.
  • Improved handling for international positions
    • Position attributes that are US-centric (such as EEO and FLSA codes) can be designated as "Non-US".

SyncHR’s patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM for mid-market organizations. It provides critical advantages not found in traditional systems by fully automating HR, benefits, and payroll processes, improving information accessibility and transparency across an organization, and centralizing data to ensure accuracy and consistency in real-time. Become the master of your employee data with a trusted single core system of record. For more information on SyncHR’s innovative technology, visit www.syncHR.com.

About SyncHR
SyncHR is the Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud-based technology leader streamlining core HR, benefits, payroll and reporting in a single, enterprise-class application for mid-sized companies. Founded in 2010, the SyncHR team of industry veterans and visionaries has developed patented technology that saves time, increases productivity, and delivers a superior economic value by simplifying the complexity of HCM through one robust application. The company’s dedicated services and customer care teams deliver industry-leading implementation times, and the intuitive interface creates an enhanced user experience for employees and administrators. SyncHR has created a new reality in HCM by making centralized, interrelated data easy to access, correct, control, and analyze - anytime. www.syncHR.com

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Our patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM

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