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HR Tech Outlook Nov. 2017 Magazine CoverIf you’ve ever used heavy HR or payroll software and wondered to yourself, “there’s got to be a better way to do this”, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of SyncHR’s mission to bring innovation and modern technology to Human Capital Management (HCM).

For many years now, the HR space has been beset with manual processes and disconnected systems that are prone to error along with time-consuming data management. While sales, marketing and finance departments have seen dramatic improvements in analytics and automation, HR has seen little to no real innovation. HCM was supposed to helporganizations streamline and automate their record-keeping processes and manage benefits administration and payroll in one centralized solution, leaving executives with more time to focus on vital HR-related issues.

Unfortunately, the promise of HCM hasn’t matched reality. “Most of today’s so-called HCM solutions are nothing more than a bunch of first-gen systems mashed together and repackaged as a so-called ‘unified’ platform,” explains Pam Glick, SyncHR’s CEO. “But anyone who uses these systems on a daily basis knows thatthey simply don’t work, the data is always off and you’re constantly doing manual workarounds. The HCM space is long overdue for real innovation, and that’s exactly what SyncHR brings to the table.”

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