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It is just another day for Pamela Glick, CEO of SyncHR. The phone rings with a call from a recently onboarded customer. The customer explains, “You’ve taken our HR systems from being the ‘Flinstones’ to the ‘Jetsons’—this is fantastic.”

For a company that started in 2010 and launched a radically different HCM platform in 2014, SyncHR has been on a rocket-ship ride of success, nearly doubling its customer base every year since.

So what’s the big deal about SyncHR? It boils down to being different.

“When John Cuellar and Gary Durbin founded SyncHR in 2010, they had a bold idea in mind,” recalls Pamela. “It was to build something radically different, modern, innovative. In doing so, we could provide underserved mid-sized companies the same access and control over their HR data and automation that the large enterprises enjoy, without all the complexity and overhead cost.”

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