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Take the weight of People Management off your shoulders and shift your focus to business growth & culture.

Why We're Different

A single platform to align people management across teams. SyncHR’s innovative approach to HCM software — a unique architecture, extensive workflow automations, and intuitive user experiences — is challenging the notion of what people management can and should be.

Position-Based Architecture Interactive Org Chart Time Machine Technology Centralized Data Core

Position-Based Architecture

SyncHR manages position and employee data independently to empower organizations with greater visibility and insights into their workforce.

Interactive Org Chart

An interactive way to manage the organization, featuring a drag & drop user interface.

Time Machine Technology

Extensive effective dating of data elements, including their relationships to other data elements, enables unparalleled automation, data accuracy and visibility into what actually happened at any point in time, or is planned to happen in the future.

Centralized Data

Built as a single application for HR, Benefits, Payroll and Reporting. The application was NOT formed gradually through merged disparate systems.

Happy Client Methodology

A 'Smile-Worthy' client experience extends beyond software and transactional support.

Our Happy Client Methodology blends purpose and passion to reinforce our mission:

“To make our clients smile every day through exceptional service.”

This service model is built upon research, proven best practices, and continual improvement. Our top priority is to ensure that you begin and continue your journey with us - happy.

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Complexities Simplified for TAG

Leading commercial refrigeration and HVAC provider uses SyncHR HCM to leverage HR data processes for better efficiency, insights, and decision making.

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FAQs from People Like You

HR software provides HR leaders with the ability to digitally manage workforce and operational needs. The right HR software for your company enables your employees to have better visibility into information and self-sufficiency within their tasks. When evaluating the adoption of new HR technology, it’s important to consider your unique business challenges and look for HR software that can be optimized for efficiency and productivity. HR software spans Human Capital Management (HCM), Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, compensation, payroll and tax, benefits administration, time and attendance, data analytics, and reporting. Not only does SyncHR offer all of the above HR software features, but our proprietary position-based architecture, time machine technology, and interactive org chart give your organization a competitive edge around workforce planning, operational reporting, and budget tracking.
The best HCM for midsized companies (50-500 employees) depends on your unique business needs and challenges. Top challenges midsized organizations face when searching for the right HCM software include cost barriers to top technology, needing to choose between workforce growth and revamped processes, and finding software that can help address urgent diversity and equity issues. Because SyncHR was developed with midsized businesses in mind, our HCM system doesn’t force trade-offs between what your HR team wants and what you need, leaving you with a modern system to grow your headcount with.
For too long, HR and payroll teams have been traditionally siloed from each other, leading to dual data entry, an increased risk of payroll errors, and many other operational inefficiencies. HCM payroll technology allows your HR team to house your people and payroll data in the same system, so you have the ability to work with real-time data that updates on both sides of the business anytime there is a change made. SyncHR adds one more piece to the value of HCM payroll with our proprietary position-based architecture and time-machine technology, meaning that salary information stays with the position even after a worker terminates and retroactive changes to compensation reflect instantly so they are captured in the upcoming payroll cycle.

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Our patented, enterprise-class technology is redefining and simplifying HCM

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