What is Event-Driven HR?

SyncHR reinvents the management of HR, benefits and payroll with its single application and single database. Our event-driven software provides real-time transactions, reduces administrative effort, increases data quality, and provides a seamless user experience. Our technology provides accurate, real-time data to enable decision makers with business intelligence they can use. Gone are the days where you have to lean on the IT department to make changes. Our cloud-based platform provides human resource departments full visibility over their entire company. We’ll automatically scale and adapt to your needs so you can effectively manage your business.

syncHR Fits Your Needs:

Human Resources

All your HR, payroll, and benefits management needs are handled on one, self-service platform.


Payroll, benefits and HR come together as one to give you the clearest snapshot of your finances.


Be confident that your HR, payroll, and benefits platform is giving you the most accurate business intelligence.


Our cloud based software eliminates maintenance and upgrade costs.

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